Internationality at Ingolstadt University

The international profile of Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences is best reflected in its mission and targets. We are striving to meet the highest standards in all areas of research, teaching and management taking into account the increasing globalization and the educational expectations of our business environment and society.

Taking internationalization for our natural mission, we provide a wide range of international Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, subject-related foreign language courses and elective subjects dealing with international and intercultural topics. This variety of programmes and components is supported by the introduction of international degree programs like “International Retail Management” and “International Automotive Engineering”.

Close co-operation with the international coordinator of each faculty as well as the university board guarantees continuous development. Thus, at a steadily thriving university location, numerous synergy effects develop between teaching, research and management which we are pleased to support in a service-oriented manner.

International Office

The International Office of Ingolstadt University supports all international activities with various means and in manifold ways.

On your way abroad

At the moment, each second graduate from Ingolstadt University has spent at least one semester of study or internship abroad. This is an extremely ambitious goal of our university which is mainly based on the fact that intercultural competencies and global thinking started to play a major role for the professional careers of our graduates. International Office helps students with all necessary arrangements before and during their studies and stay abroad.

• Information on theoretical or practical semesters abroad
• Support with the application procedure, valuable tips and contacts for a successful application
• Information on financial support

On your way to Ingolstadt

International students are sincerely welcomed to study at our university. We support the integration of our international students into the everyday life of our university through a variety of services.

• Information and support with the application procedure for theoretical semesters
• Information on internships in Germany
• Intensive support during the orientation phase on-site
• Linking up with local students
• Your contact during your stay in Ingolstadt

Events organised by the International Office

•Information sessions for all faculties (e.g. “Infomarkt”)
•Participation in university open days (“Hochschulinformationstage“)
•International Fair
•Representation of the university at international exhibitions
•Service for academic and non-academic staff                         

Counseling of Ingolstadt University's teaching staff preparing for a stay at a foreign university

•Information on possible financial support of international mobility
•Assistance in establishing and consolidating new international contacts with universities and companies
•Assistance for guest lecturers from our partner universities
•Financial support and assistance in the exchange of non-academic staff between European partner universities 



Outgoing Mobility (Studium)
Juan Barbero
Phone: +49 841 9348-774

Outgoing Internship
Eva Ilic
Phone: +49 841 9348 7691

Incoming Mobility
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Christine Ellis
Phone: +49 841 9348-4870

Incoming Mobility
Business School & Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Jennifer Grebe
Phone: +49 841 9348-7695

Incoming Internship
Sonja Bedington
Phone: +49 841 9348-2110

Office hours

Starting 29.09. you can find us by the main entrance (A006): Service Centre Study Affairs,
Career Service & Student Counseling and International Office.

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 10-14 during the semester
Mo-Fr 10-12 semester break

ServicePoint location

Individual appointments must be booked via advanced arrangement in moodle.

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